Supported v1.0.x

Implements the checking of the traffic usages within a defined period of time, should this traffic usage exceed a defined threshold a conditional variable SMRadius_FUP is set to "1". If the threshold is not met the variable is set to "0". If the user has no FUP attributes, the variable is set to "-1".

Indicates the number of days the FUP traffic should be calculated on.

# Calculate the FUP usage on 7 days
SMRadius-FUP-Period  :=  7

This attirbute indicates the threshold in MiB for when the conditional SMRadius_FUP will be flipped to "1".

# Set the traffic threshold to 50GiB
SMRadius-FUP-Traffic-Threshold  :=  51200


Runs at the post authentication stage.


Runs at the post accounting stage.