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Attribute Usage

Attributes are used in order to process and set configuration items for incoming connections. Each attribute has a Name, Operator and Value.

Specify the type of attribute to be used. If you need to specify a vendor attribute, use the following format:


How to use the value of this attribute. See the OPERATORS file for details on each supported operator.

Value of the attribute (string).


// Sets the users traffic limit to 5GB
Name: SMRadius-Capping-Traffic-Limit Operator: := Value: 5000

Non-standard Core Attributes

A listing of non standard attributes and their functions in SMRadius. These attributes are listed under the areas in SMRadius that make use of them.


  • SMRadius-Username-Transform
    • Transforms a username from the supplied username to the configured username (Currently disabled)
    • # Transfrom to
      SMRadius-Username-Transform  :=
  • SMRadius-Evaluate
    • Evaluate and set an attribute / attributes based on the results of the evaluation. Syntax: TEST CASE ? TRUE_ATTRIBUTE : FALSE
  • SMRadius-Peer-Address
    • Allows the admin to specify an address that the peer address must match in order to be authorized. The user / group attribute SMRadius-Peer-Address will be checked against the peer address of the client device.
    • SMRadius-Peer-Address  ==  < peer-address >
  • SMRadius-Disable-WebUITopup
    • Allows one to build web ui's that ignore topups, this attribute is not used internally at all.